Below is a sampling of programs I’ve created from my repertoire and would be delighted to share with you and your organization/community. The list is updated regularly as new programs take shape, so check back often! All educational programs can be made into concerts, and I would be happy to give a general concert combining any or all of the below themes or offering different songs — just ask!

To book a program or inquire about rates for weddings, bridal showers, hand-fastings, baby showers, christenings, Wiccanings, bar/bat mitzvahs, Confirmations and First Communions, graduation or birthday parties, celebrations of life, funerals, wakes, grand openings, or any such event, just click the button below. Please note that all programs and life event offerings will be virtual until further notice, to contain the spread of COVID-19. I’m looking forward to singing with you!

Traditional & Trad-Adjacent Love Songs with Happy Endings
Bask in the triumphs of romance and tales of love gone right, pulled from and written in the styles of various folk traditions through the ages.

Loves Beyond the Bawdy & Romantic
For every old song that chronicles swooning romance or the excitements of lust, there’s one in or alongside tradition that celebrates love of another kind – between family members, colleagues, friends, a craftsperson and their work, and more. Gather ‘round and sing along with some of my favorites, culled from various folk traditions and a few tradition-steeped folk songwriters of today.

Uncovering the Traditional Ballad:
Beyond the Long, Slow, Sad, Solo Story Song
Ballads often conjure the picture of someone singing a long, slow song about the perils and woes of life and loss.  While many story songs fit that bill, all you really need for a ballad is a story with a beginning, middle, and end. Come hear (and sing!) some traditional ballads that fit the definition while defying the stereotype, and learn a bit about this song style while we’re at it.

The Magic of Music and Meter
Celebrate National Poetry Month or simply spend some time soaking in the words of some of my favorite wordsmiths set to music. W.B. Yeats, Shakespeare, Kipling, E.L. Blanchard, and more come together in this program to wrap us in beauty, powerful reminders, and a laugh or two.

A Garden of Sound
A program of traditional and trad-adjacent folk songs that contemplate and celebrate the natural world, as well as the creatures that inhabit it.

Old Songs For Young Humans: Game Songs & Lullabies
An all-ages program for children, guardians, and families of all kinds!  Sing a few traditional children’s rhymes and game songs, and then hear a lullaby or two as you settle down after our fun!

Ballads of Joy
A program of story songs in the English, Scots and Canadian traditions that celebrate life’s joyful moments, good surprises, and happy endings.

Photo: Heather Caunt-Nulton