• April 10 * Live from Cate Clifford & April Grant Dual Concert for National Poetry Month * 2 PM EST * Facebook Livestream via April Grant’s Facebook Page * Cate Clifford and April Grant will be playing (with) poems April 10th in honor of National Poetry Month, using their second-annual logophilic dual concert to offer you poems, songs made from poems, poems made from songs (yes, you read that right), and an odd underappreciated line or two that defies categorization. Each has inspired the other to rummage through her bag of poetricks and assemble from it the lines and lyrics that please her the most. It’ll be strong on the Rudyard Kipling and the Cicely Fox-Smith, and they plan to air out rarer treasures as well. April promises Don Marquis’s archy and mehitabel; Cate has Keats, Shakespeare and a melody of her many-greats aunt Elizabeth’s in store. Free, tip jars open and contributions gratefully accepted. RSVP to the Facebook event HERE.

  • April 23-25 * Virtual NEFFA